Bring Your Ideas To Life

Do you have an app idea?

Want to solve a problem?

Need help in realising a big project?

No problem, I am ready to help you bringing your idea(s) to life!

Typically, an app project can be broken down to these steps:

  • conception: just tell me about your idea - I will tell you which features are possible and how long it will take approximately to realize
  • development and testing: my goal is to show a working prototype as fast as possible. This way, my customers are able to start testing the app in an early stage. It also brings me in an advantageous position, as we are also able to work with customer feedback as early as possible (testing is optional).
  • publishing and maintenance: I fully support our external projects like we do our own after publishing it into the store(s), whether the app is published under my name or yours

You can choose if you want me to work together on any or all steps in the process - all you need to do is to contact me.

I will respond within three business days to your request. Please add as much information as possible to make it easier to evaluate your idea and see if I am the right partner for your project.

I have written apps for Telefonica Germany (LOB) and Windows United (German news-site for Windows) in the past.