About MSiccDev Software Development

MSiccDev Software Development was founded in April 2011 as sole proprietorship by Marco Siccardi.

My goal is to make the life of my users more comfortable with the apps I create.

I am developing applications for major operating systems, including Windows, Android and iOS as well as MacOS and the Web. Most of my applications are written in the programming language C#, using other languages like JavaScript or the likes whenever needed.

My current and former app portfolio includes a wide variety of apps, be it a fishing knots app, a multi-social-sharing app, a NFC-toolkit app or news reader apps for external customers. I also develop and maintain some open source libraries.

My preferred cloud solution is Microsoft Azure, which enables a wide range of products and solutions. If needed, I am also able to adapt to existing infrastructure from other vendors that are already in use.

From 2012 until 2015 MSiccDev Software Development was a featured startup in Microsoft‘s former startup program BizSpark.