Recognize And Read Aloud (from our Betalabs)

take a photo or load an image

RandR allows you to take a photo directly within the app or lets you load one from your photos library on your device.

extract the text from an image

Just on a button tap, RandR detects and extracts the text off an image. You can show only the text or lay detected text over the image it got extracted from.

RandR extracted read aloud
RandR extracted read aloud
built in read aloud function

RandR is able to use the internal speech system of your Windows device to read the extracted text aloud. You can play, pause and even seek within the voice stream.

switch colors

RandR allows you to choose between the original app color and the accent color you selected for the operating system.

big and small screen

RandR is avaliable on Windows 8.1, but also on Windows Phone 8.1  - it also works on most Windows 10 PCs and Mobiles (we'll keep improving the app for Windows 10, stay tuned)


Developer: ‪MSiccDev‬
Price: Kostenlos