UniShare v0.8.7.0 is live in the Windows Phone Store

Today our update to version had been approved by Microsoft.

We have fixed a lot of bugs as well as added some new features:

  •  we added sharing to vk.com. This is our first test integration, but we need feedback from you, or users, to improve the integration. One point to note: vk demands third-party apps like ours to ask you for new authentication every 24 hours. That is why you may have to perform sharing to vk.com twice.
  • we know you want to share to Path. Our app got already approved by them, but they still need to integrate it into their systems. We integrated the sharing code already. Until our app is receiving live access, you will see a message that tells you we don’t have live access yet if you try to share an update. This message will no longer show after we finally received the live access.
  • we added an option to continue sharing to other networks if sharing to one your selected networks fails. Any feedback for this is welcome.
  •  we also added a 1-click-sharing option. This users the selected networks as is. Please make sure you configured the selection of networks properly before using this option.
  • the whole text you are sharing is copied to the clipboard with this update. This way, you can also use it in other apps.
  • we added an option to unlock all additional packages at once – which will save you some money if you plan to unlock all packages. On top, this package will include all future packages that might get added to UniShare.

One thing you will not see in the foreground is that we also rewrote our sharing mechanism completely. It makes sharing much more reliable and is also faster in some cases.

If you have any problems after installing the update via the store, please try a reinstall. We changed a lot of code, and the reinstall might be the only needed solution.

Finally, we want to point you to our integrated UserVoice page (open the menu at the bottom of the page and select “help & support (via UserVoice”). Here you find suggestions of new features you can vote for or add your idea, submit tickets to us (which had a bug that we also fixed with this update) and our FAQ (we are adding new items to it this week, so a look doesn’t hurt).

You can download the update right here: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=ee42cb1d-8a68-41c6-9c0c-d3e3fc61d6ea

We hope you like the new features and as always, your feedback is more than welcome.

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