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Voices Admin goes Universal on Windows 8.1 with version 2.0


Toady we are happy to announce that Voices Admin is now a Universal app for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1.

We have completely rewritten Voices Admin from scratch to provide a consistent user experience across both platforms. Also, both apps share the same core, which leads to totally equal applications (with some modifications on the view side to match the differences).

Voices Admin v2 has all base features that the Windows Phone 8 version had, but provides also finally methods to delete and response to suggestions, modify tickets and also modify knowledgebase entries.

Currently, Voices Admin v2 has no live tile. We are currently looking into possible ways to integrate true push notifications for both tile and toast, provided by a Microsoft Azure backend and on possible ways to cover the costs for it. As soon as we found a prober solution, we will updated both apps with this functionality.

While we were working on Voices Admin v2, we also developed PortableUserVoice, a PCL library that allows developers to easily integrate UserVoice features like ticketing, suggestions and knowledgebase into their apps. In our experience from Windows Phone 8 on, this has in fact impact on the feedback rate as it goes up (we measured an interaction plus up to 30% for some of our apps). See this page for more information on the library.

As always, feedback is more the welcome. We hope you’ll love this new version of Voices Admin.

P. S. We have tested both apps on Windows 10, they should work on both PC/Table and Phone as they do on Windows 8.1.

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Voices Admin is live in the Store


Voices Admin received a minor bug fixing update today.

Due to some layout changes on the UserVoice website, fresh installs of ourapp were not able to get the API clients. This update fixes that.

The second fix is for the ticket list. You may have noticed that some of the tickets were not shown correctly and only manually refreshing the list helped. This is now fixed.

We are looking into of our UserVoice library in the coming weeks. We are trying to not break things, but our goal is to make the library returning objects that you can work with directly.

We hope the latest update helps you to better hear the voices of your users.

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