UniShare v0.8.9.0 is now live in the Windows Phone Store

Busy as we are, we have already made another update for Unishare. This one contains:


  • fixed error on IAP page with no internet connection
  • fixed reloading of licenses after purchasing a package (opening a package in the store will now always cause the list to be refreshed)
  • fixed error that occurs in countries where Unishare’s IAP are not available
  • improved login expiration handling for Facebook, LinkedIn and vk.com


  • XMusicShare: Share the song or album you’re listening to. We added also the option to share the cover together with your #nowplaying status. We also planned to include sharing the corresponding Xbox Music link, but we decided to include it in a future update, because we wanted to get the fixes out to you.


To close this entry, we want to thank all of you who are sending us the error reports. They are very helfpul to identify problems and fix bugs in our app. Keep them coming!

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UniShare v0.8.8.0 is live in the Windows Phone Store

Today we got our update to version certified to be in the Windows Phone Store.

We made some changes to our app to improve your experience while sharing.

  • we fixed and error where some not connected networks did not get hidden on setting this option
  • we removed BugSense due to some serious performance problems and app crashes
  • Many of you requested it, that’s why UniShare  now only exits on the compose page. It  displays also  selective message before it exits to prevent non wanted exits. Don’t worry if you don’t like those messages, you can tell UniShare to not show it again.
  • We made also some changes to the image editor. It  needs to be activated now before selecting an image or taking a photo  and works also with photos from the library.
  • minor bug fixes

Due to the recent store outage for in app purchases, we also improved this part of our application. First, we  added a new page where all additional packages are listed. The page tells you what you are getting with your purchase and detects your current license states. On top of that, we are no longer checking the license state on every app start, but save them for 96 hours. After that, we are refreshing the licenses. This should avoid problems like the recent outages in future.


If you see the unlock buttons after this update again, just hit one of them to refresh and store the licenses or restart the app.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new features and bug fixes. As always, if you have any feedback for us, do not hesitate to contact us through the feedback and support page.

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[Update] How to get the already paid premium features back in UniShare

A few days ago, UniShare  began to behave a little strange and told a lot of users to unlock the premium features again. The cause is not a bug in our app, but an outage in the Windows Store.

For your better understanding, here is how UniShare checks the IAP:

When the app starts, we make a call against a special endpoint in the Store that handles the license data. This call is anonymous for us developers, but checks if you have already bought an item (be it an app or be it an In-App-Product (IAP)). The store tells us if you have a license for the item. Based on this result, we are enabling or disabling the premium features.

The store recently returns that there is no license for a lot of users. The same thing happens also to popular other apps like 6tag or Tweetium.

Thanks to Robert Shurbet (developer of #Hashtastic), we can provide you a workaround to get the premium features back:

  • switch back your region to your home region, if you are using US because of Cortana and live outside
  • click on the unlock button for the feature you already paid for (if you have bought the ‘unlock all’ IAP, just select it in the Message Dialog like before)
  • the IAP gets opened in the Store and will tell you to buy the item again
  • click on the buy button
  • the store will detect that you already bought the item:


We tested this steps successfully on our devices, being able to unlock all premium features again without spending any money.

If this does not work, please be patient as we have word that  the Store team is already working on a fix.

We are currently looking into possible ways to improve the handling of your purchases in our app and will include it in the next update.

We are sorry for the inconveniences, and hope that the workaround above works for all of you.

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Announcement: Path integration in UniShare is finally fully functional


Today we finally received the notification we and you were waiting for: UniShare is now able to post to Path!

For your information: Path requires apps from third party into a review process. This review process should be faster usually, but somehow we went into that review process at the wrong time. Our app got approved a few weeks ago already. Path though had some technical issues to implement the app integration, which has been fixed now.

Actually, UniShare allows you to share so called “thoughts” (text updates) as well as photo moments. With the ongoing work on UniShare, more features will be included in future.

We hope you enjoy UniShare and the finally working integration with Path.

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UniShare v0.8.7.0 is live in the Windows Phone Store

Today our update to version had been approved by Microsoft.

We have fixed a lot of bugs as well as added some new features:

  •  we added sharing to vk.com. This is our first test integration, but we need feedback from you, or users, to improve the integration. One point to note: vk demands third-party apps like ours to ask you for new authentication every 24 hours. That is why you may have to perform sharing to vk.com twice.
  • we know you want to share to Path. Our app got already approved by them, but they still need to integrate it into their systems. We integrated the sharing code already. Until our app is receiving live access, you will see a message that tells you we don’t have live access yet if you try to share an update. This message will no longer show after we finally received the live access.
  • we added an option to continue sharing to other networks if sharing to one your selected networks fails. Any feedback for this is welcome.
  •  we also added a 1-click-sharing option. This users the selected networks as is. Please make sure you configured the selection of networks properly before using this option.
  • the whole text you are sharing is copied to the clipboard with this update. This way, you can also use it in other apps.
  • we added an option to unlock all additional packages at once – which will save you some money if you plan to unlock all packages. On top, this package will include all future packages that might get added to UniShare.

One thing you will not see in the foreground is that we also rewrote our sharing mechanism completely. It makes sharing much more reliable and is also faster in some cases.

If you have any problems after installing the update via the store, please try a reinstall. We changed a lot of code, and the reinstall might be the only needed solution.

Finally, we want to point you to our integrated UserVoice page (open the menu at the bottom of the page and select “help & support (via UserVoice”). Here you find suggestions of new features you can vote for or add your idea, submit tickets to us (which had a bug that we also fixed with this update) and our FAQ (we are adding new items to it this week, so a look doesn’t hurt).

You can download the update right here: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=ee42cb1d-8a68-41c6-9c0c-d3e3fc61d6ea

We hope you like the new features and as always, your feedback is more than welcome.

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UniShare live in the Windows Phone Store

We continue to add new features to UniShare, listening to your feedback.

UniShare comes with a fix for the never ending Yammer connecting message in case you do not complete the login process. But that’s not all.

We are proud to announce a new power feature:

multi post across Facebook (includes timeline, groups and pages)!

This is how it looks like in our app:

Providing all kind of possible combinations, you can share simultaneously to your timeline, multiple groups and multiple pages with a single sharing operation.

This feature is part of the ‘Facebook Pro Sharing’ package that is available via in app purchase.

If you have the app already installed, you can download the update soon right here: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=ee42cb1d-8a68-41c6-9c0c-d3e3fc61d6ea

We hope all of you will like this new killer feature.

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