[Update] How to get the already paid premium features back in UniShare

A few days ago, UniShare  began to behave a little strange and told a lot of users to unlock the premium features again. The cause is not a bug in our app, but an outage in the Windows Store.

For your better understanding, here is how UniShare checks the IAP:

When the app starts, we make a call against a special endpoint in the Store that handles the license data. This call is anonymous for us developers, but checks if you have already bought an item (be it an app or be it an In-App-Product (IAP)). The store tells us if you have a license for the item. Based on this result, we are enabling or disabling the premium features.

The store recently returns that there is no license for a lot of users. The same thing happens also to popular other apps like 6tag or Tweetium.

Thanks to Robert Shurbet (developer of #Hashtastic), we can provide you a workaround to get the premium features back:

  • switch back your region to your home region, if you are using US because of Cortana and live outside
  • click on the unlock button for the feature you already paid for (if you have bought the ‘unlock all’ IAP, just select it in the Message Dialog like before)
  • the IAP gets opened in the Store and will tell you to buy the item again
  • click on the buy button
  • the store will detect that you already bought the item:


We tested this steps successfully on our devices, being able to unlock all premium features again without spending any money.

If this does not work, please be patient as we have word that  the Store team is already working on a fix.

We are currently looking into possible ways to improve the handling of your purchases in our app and will include it in the next update.

We are sorry for the inconveniences, and hope that the workaround above works for all of you.

Posted by msicc in UniShare