NFC Toolkit for Windows Phone receives an update with a lot of fixes and improvements

Today we got our update to version approved. This update contains several fixes and improvements. Most of them are based on user feedback.

Here is the full changelog for NFC Toolkit:

  • we improved our shopping list extra to avoid some errors we received
  • to do list improved as well, on top we added item editing for already saved items
  • improved Mix, Play & Share (now all Mix groups up to 50 items get loaded for each country)
  • improved and renamed appointment checker to appointment dashboard. Now only appointments that have a title get displayed, plus the appointments are finally sorted according to their date & time
  • improved car dashboard. You have now the option to select a Mix for MixRadio via the built in  Mix Play & Share extra before launching MixRadio. We also fixed the battery time tile, which should be working correctly on WP8.1 now.
  • we improved custom profile assistant item handling to make it easier for you  to configure the profile correctly
  • We added more than 20 new apps that can be  launched in your custom profile. We would love to add more apps to this list, but we can only add apps that have a parameter-less uri scheme. These uri schemes can be added from other developers to our app as well. For more info, ask the developers of apps you want to see there to get in contact with us.
  • We made some improvements to the user interface, especially the notifications for reading and writing NFC tags are easier to understand now.
  • at least, there are some more stability improvements and minor bug fixes

As we added a lot of new things that improve the app, it may happen that the app has some strange behaviors in very seldom cases. Please perform a reinstall to get around them (you will not be charged again if you already bought the app).

With the next update, we will add some new features. Once we consider the app feature complete, we will start to (let) translate the app into other languages than English. We will post more on that here once we have reached this point.

We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to your feedback and your ratings in the Windows Phone Store.

NFC Toolkit

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Mix Play & Share receives an improvement update (version


While we were working on our NFC Toolkit, we also updated the Mix Play & Share part of it. Of course these improvements are also integrated into the Mix Play & Share standalone app.

These features are new/improved:

  • Until now, we loaded 20 Mix groups for each country. Thanks to feedback from our users, we recognized that we are missing out some Mix groups. We changed this, and now our app loads up to 50 groups per Mix.
  • We have updated the app to include the latest MixRadio SDK, which is also a lot more faster than before. Loading times should be better now – even with slow internet connections.
  • we improved the sharing methods
  • some improvements to messages that are shown (we switched from the messages that need user interaction to messages that do not need them where it makes sense)
  • other minor bug fixes

Don’t wait, update Mix Play & Share right now.

We hope you enjoy this update and would love to see your positive review in the Windows Phone Store.



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