Lots of app ideas leading to start of MSiccDev BETALABS

We have a lot of app ideas. Some of them never got realized due to our own wish to provide high quality apps and little time, but we thought that we need to find a way to get those apps out, anyways. That’s why we started MSiccDev BETALABS today.

What does that mean for our apps? We are still providing our high quality for all of our main apps. With the BETALABS app, we’ll accept that they will have (as less as possible) small quirks, but get them out to you, our users to be used. What you can do: provide feedback (via mail) about things you recognize, about ideas to improve. Please use our UserVoice forum for those ideas.

Apps that run under the BETALAPS flag will be published to the Store as normal apps, but have the word BETA in the app name. No registration is required, and we wholeheartly invite you to use and test those apps.

Our first app that is released under the BETALABS flag is RandR. RandR stands for “Recognize and Read (aloud)” and lets you extract text from images and even reads it aloud to you. RandR is a Universal app and available on both Windows Phone and Windows.


Please come back to our dedicated BETALABS page in future to see all of our BETALABS apps.

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