While we are working on our apps, we are also developing libraries to make our life easier. We are sharing some of them for free to enable other developers to use them, too.

CoinPaprika API client

CoinPaprika is a crypto currency data aggregator. They are pulling their base data from more than 150 exchanges and provide a whole bunch of data that might be useful for your crypto related application. We are developing and maintaining the C# ApiClient.

Get the library on NuGet or find a more detailed overview and the source code on GitHub.

WordPressReader (Standard) library

If you want to create apps that are working with the WordPress API to get data, this library is for you. The library focuses on fetching data from the WordPress API.

Get the library on NuGet and find a more detailed overview on all features in our Wiki on GitHub.


WordPressUniversal library is deprecated and replaced by WordPressReader (Standard).