While we are working on our apps, we are also developing libraries to make our life easier. We are sharing some of them for free to enable other developers to use them, too.

PortableUserVoice library

We were using UserVoice for our support, feedback and faq and developed Voices Admin to respond to our users also while we are on the go. In the meantime, UserVoice changed their pricing strategy to focus on Enterprise customers, and is no longer our service of choise. The PortableUserVoice library remains available as is, but is no longer actively developed.

The library concentrates on these features:

  • user data
  • tickets (support requests)
  • suggestions (feature requests)
  • knowledge base (FAQ)

Developers can easily maintain everything from their website or our Voices Admin app, while your users don’t need to mess around with a mobile website. Please note that we are no longer actively developing this app.

To learn more about our library, continue here.


WordPressUniversal library

WordPressUniversal is a PCL library that aims at simplifying WordPress based mobile apps. We have built  a Portable Class Library that is compatible with Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 (both Silverlight and Runtime), Windows 8.1,  Xamarin.iOS as well as Xamarin.Android.

We just published the first version on our GitHub account. If you want to have a look, here you’ll find everything you need to get started.

The WordPress team has released the JetPack plugin for self hosted blogs, which contains also an JSON API. Sadly, the API currently does not support guest commenting, this is why we did not create a NuGet package. As soon as we have a solution for guest commenting, this will change. Until then, please make sure your are following the project on GitHub to not miss any update on it.

We are planning to create a Xamarin.Forms component of the library as well.