Voices Admin FAQ

What is this app for?

This app helps you to maintain your UserVoice account. Indie and hobbyist developers often develop their apps in their spare time, whereas users send requests at any time. Now you are able to interact with them at any time, too.


Get started!

To use Voices Admin, you need to declare an API client in your Uservoice Account:

  • After you logged in, click on 'Settings', followed by 'Integrations'."
  •  Select 'UserVoice API' on the 'Integration' page."
  • Click on the 'Add API-Client...' button."
  • Enter the API Client name, the callback url and check 'Trusted?' to make sure the requests against the API will work.
  • Go back to the app and enter your subdomain (without '.uservoice.com') and tap the 'get API clients' button.
  • Enter your admin account data and click 'Sign in'.
  • The app will load all API clients that you declared.
  • Select the desired API client, and your data gets loaded.

These steps are getting visualized on the first app start, too.

Loading the list of available API clients can take some time, please be patient at that point.

Why do I need an API client?

The API client is needed to allow our app to connect with your UserVoice account. You can revoke the access at any time from your UserVoice settings page (Integrations). We will also add an option to revoke access into our app in one of the coming updates.

Why do I need to log into my account?

As you are the administrator/owner of your account, you need to log into your account. We are fetching your ConsumerKey, ConsumerSecret and your callback Uri then for all later requests. Without those data, we will not be able to send any requests against your UserVoice account.

Why do I need a callback url and what does that mean?
UserVoice uses the oAuth authentication mechanism for all calls against their API.
In order to get the needed tokens for the authentication into the app, a so called "callback url" is used, which needs to be defined like this :http://mydomain.com/mycallback.html

The tokens are added during the authentication process at the end of the callback url as paramaters in the form of http://mydomain.com/mycallback.html?oauthtoken=<oAuthToken>&toauthokensecret=<oAuthTokenSecret>. This makes it very easy for the API provider to send the tokens to an app or a website on one site and to read them for developers on the other site.
We have quite some experience with oAuth and callback urls, here are our best practices:
- you should use one callback url for each app to avoid quirks
- a simple blank html document, uploaded to your webserver, will do the job as it generates a unique url (see example above)
If you have any questions left, feel free to open a support ticket to get in contact with us.
Why am I not able to respond to suggestions, modify tickets and modify knowledgebase articles?
You most probably are running Voices Admin for Windows Phone 8, which has no support for this.
We strongly recommend using Voices Admin v2, which enables you to perform all these actions.
Why do tiles get updated only every 30 minutes (WP8 only)?
The current version of Voices Admin runs a Background Agent. On Windows Phone 8, Background Agents aren't able to run in shorter intervals.
If we see enough interest in our app and our library, we will add a cloud backend to our app that is able to send tile and toast notification close to immediately after a change in your counts has happened.
We added also an idea for that, and are thankful for every vote this receives.
Voices Admin: my tile does not update!

This can have multiple reasons:

  • your data connection is to slow
  • you reached the maximum number of allowed background tasks (see settings/background tasks on your phone)
  • you did not activate the live tile (go to the more tab/settings)
  • you are using Voices Admin v2, which currently has no live tile (we are planning to use Microsoft Azure and provide a true push notification service for that in the near future).

If you are not sure what the reason exactly is, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you on searching the cause.

I am getting an error after selecting my API client!
This can have several reasons. Please make sure that you have chosen a trusted client and also make sure that you have added a callback url.
If you did not make any requests with that API client, it may happen that you are getting this error, too. Our app is aware of that and will prompt you to allow the API client access to your account.
If the error persists, please open a support ticket via the 'feedback & faq' page in Voices Admin.


How can I integrate UserVoice for users?

We have built a small helper library that is available from NuGet for Windows Phone. Learn more here.

Why I need to log in again at your feedback page?

The reason is pretty simple. This part of the app connects to our own UserVoice account, while the rest of the app is connected to your UserVoice  account.