UniShare FAQ

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Why is Instagram missing?

Like a lot of our users, we also would love to be able to post to Instagram from within UniShare.

Sadly, Instagram does not allow third parties to post images to their servers. Even if there are other apps around that are able to do that, we will not integrate these features into UniShare.

This has several reasons, the main reason is that we do not want to bring our users or us in trouble with them. As soon as Instagram changed their mind, we will have another look on their endpoints and try to integrate it into UniShare.

Why is Google+ missing?

We would love to integrate Google+ sharing into UniShare, as this is a highly requested feature.

However, Google decided to not allow third party apps to post directly to a user’s stream.

We could add an activity from our app, which is private by default. That means you would have to go to the website and make it public every time you shared an update.

Other sharing apps use a different approach to post updates to your stream. We are aware of this technique and tested it as well. However, we found out that it is close to impossible to track down if your update gets shared successfully. Telling you something works when there is a big chance that it fails is not what we want to do in our app.

Please understand that we do not support such bad user experience(s).

We'll keep the idea under review because we still have some hope Google will change its mind some day and allows us to post updates directly.

Please fetch my timelines into the app

We hear you, but this is not what our app is about. UniShare is just to simplifiy the sharing process for you.

License problems

UniShare is able to resolve most of the license issues you may face.

If you have license problems that our app cannot resolve on its own, please contact us via our support email.

Keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10

Starting with Windows 10, UniShare supports some Keyboard shortcuts (with a few additional to come in future):

- Ctrl + V for pasting copied image/copied text
- Ctrl + U for unselecting all networks
- Ctrl + S for sending the composed update

We will add more shortcuts over time and are open for any ideas.

Bonus: These do also work with Continuum!

Why is the XMusicShare feature gone?

Sadly, Microsoft no longer allows us to read the currently playing song. We are working on a replacement feature, but haven't found the final solution so far.

We are sorry for any inconveniences this causes. 

Why is the picture editing page gone?

We know that the picture editing page is one of the most used features on Windows Phone 8.1.

There are quite a few differences between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10, that's why we had to remove it for the moment. It is on our 'implement first' list, which has a high priority for upcoming updates.

You can still take a picture and import it without editing (on PC/tablet, you will have some rudimentary functions like cropping - sadly, these are not supported on Windows 10 Mobile at the moment).

Why do pictures need to be saved locally?

When sharing via the photos app or via Edge, the picture gets saved in a temporary folder. Sadly, there is a bug in the OS that prevents us to access these pictures. We are already in contact with Microsoft to find a solution for this.

In Edge, you can use the copy function to get the image.
For the photos app: download the image, and then try to share again.

We hope this issue will get resolved soon.

What are mention suggestion bases?
UniShare since ever was able to let you easily mention others on Twitter. On Windows 10, we took this even further.

If you have a UniShare pro license, you get a combined mention base for all of your three Twitter accounts. For getting the suggestions, type 't@' + the user name you want to mention.

Also, we were able to add this feature for Facebook. To achieve the mention feature on Facebook, we needed to change the way we post to Facebook. That's where you will see 'via UniShare on Windows' on Facebook .For getting the suggestions, type 'f@' + the name of your friend you want to mention.

On top (and only if you have a Pro license), we have also a mention feature on Slack, which makes it very easy. For getting the suggestions, type 's@' + the user name you want to mention.

If you want to mention only on those networks that are capable of it, just check the box 'mention only on corresponding networks'.

As soon as other networks enable mentioning through their programming endpoints, we will of course add the feature on these as well.
Klingon translation
We are using Bing's Klingon translation feature to provide you an easy to use way to translate you update into the Klingon language. Please note that the translation happens outside our app. We cannot guarantee that the translation is correct at 100%. As Bing translations are only free for a certain amount of translations, this is a feature that requires an active UniShare pro license.
Leet conversion
UniShare has an easy to use leet conversion extra, introduced with version 1.1.1. The features uses our own app SimpleLeet Universal (free app), which means that you will have to install the app in order to use this feature. UniShare will detect if the app is installed, and make it very easy if it is not. As we will evolve SimpleLeet Universal, also UniShare will get more features.
GIPHY support

UniShare makes it very easy to attach an animated gif to your update. We are using GIPHY to provide you the biggest collection of gifs around the web.Our integration allows you to search for gifs, and select from eight search results (we tested it a lot, this is the best amount of results). If your gif is not in these eight results, try to refine your search terms.

Why did you change the license model?

We understand you may have been surprised by the change in our license model. As we have big plans with UniShare, which need additional and costly resources (like an own server backend), we had to decide to change our licensing.

As we did before, we will run special offers from time to time (for example xmas sales etc...), so you might be able to snap a license at smaller cost.

Note for WP8.1 upgraders: The description of the 'unlock all packages' pack was always meant for the WP8.1 platform only. 

Why is the app no longer available on Windows Phone 8.x?
We decided to remove the Windows Phone 8.x version of UniShare from the Store because the number of active users Windows Phone 8.x is close to zero. We will focus our efforts on the Windows 10 version as well as Android (and soon iOS), where the future of UniShare is.