Fishing Knots + FAQ

Why is there a SE and a + version?
The SE (Standard Edition) has only a three step description, while the + version has some additional features like a controllable animation and a read aloud function.
The Standard Edition will remain as is in the Windows Phone 7 version, and is hidden from the store (to let those who paid for it download it again). The + version is under active development.
I want to start with the 3 step tutorials, not the animated one.

We heard you! You can now set up the app to load the 3 step tutorials in favor of the animated tutorials on the settings page. (since Version 2.0 for Windows Phone 8).

How can I let the app read the instructions automatically?

Go to settings page, and activate "auto read aloud". From now on, the instructions will get read aloud every time a knot tutorial is loaded. Please note that this is an experimental feature.

Why has the auto read function a beta flag?

We have implemented this feature based on user feedback. It works quite well, but as it is with all new features, there is room for improvement. We hope to get a lot of feedback from you, our users, to improve the auto read function. That's why we added the beta flag on it.