Bringing Ideas Of Customers To Life

Have an app idea but no programming knowledge? No problem, we are also able to help you to bring your idea to life. Typically, an app project can be broken down to these steps:

  • conception: just tell us your idea, and we will tell you which features are possible and how long it will approximately take to bring it to life
  • development and testing: our goal is to show a working prototype as fast as possible. This way, our customers are able to start testing the app in an early stage. It also brings us in an advantageous position, as we are also able to work  customer feedback into our code as early as possible (testing is optional).
  • publishing and maintenance: we fully support our external projects like we do our own after publishing it into the store(s), whether the app is published under our name or with yours

Sounds great, right? Of course, we know you want to see some real life action. Here we go:

Friends & You (for Telefónica Germany)

If you have an idea and want us to realize it, just contact us using the form below. We will respond within two business days to your request. Please add as much information as possible to enable us setting up a first concept idea.

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