UniShare discontinued, will disappear by October, 31th – here is why

Writing this news post is hard, very hard for us. Our UniShare app is dead, both on Windows and on Android – and also the iOS version we had started to work on.

Of course, we feel the need to explain why. And we surely do in the next few sentences.

First, we learned a few days ago that Path is shutting down. While we were in the process of updating our app with some bug fixes, we needed to start over to remove Path.

The second, way more impacting reason is Facebook. Facebook does no longer allow third-party apps to post directly to a user’s timeline. We had some hope as we learned from this breaking change earlier this year as Facebook stated that there will be a way for selected partners – we are not one of them. The only way how apps are now able to post to Facebook is through their own “Sharing” component.


Facebook developer documentation – removal of publish permission

We were searching for possible solutions, but we did not find one that would provide the same convenience as UniShare always had before. So we had to take the hard decision to stop the development of UniShare. After all, posting to Facebook was a core feature, which we no longer are able to provide.

We thank all users and fans of UniShare for the last few years with us and for making the app a success on Windows and Windows Phone.

Please cancel all subscriptions you have running on the Windows Store for UniShare. We will remove the app from both the Windows Store and the Google Play Store by the end of October this year. Please rest assured, this was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to take.

We hope you will continue to follow us and use some of our other apps and future projects.