UniShare live in the Windows Phone Store

We continue to add new features to UniShare, listening to your feedback.

UniShare comes with a fix for the never ending Yammer connecting message in case you do not complete the login process. But that’s not all.

We are proud to announce a new power feature:

multi post across Facebook (includes timeline, groups and pages)!

This is how it looks like in our app:

Providing all kind of possible combinations, you can share simultaneously to your timeline, multiple groups and multiple pages with a single sharing operation.

This feature is part of the ‘Facebook Pro Sharing’ package that is available via in app purchase.

If you have the app already installed, you can download the update soon right here: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=ee42cb1d-8a68-41c6-9c0c-d3e3fc61d6ea

We hope all of you will like this new killer feature.