UniShare In App Purchases to be charged beginning 07/01/2014

Microsoft started the official Windows Phone 8.1 support cycle back at 06/24/2014. Windows Phone 8.1 is set to be rolled out within the next few weeks globally.

We supported early adopters by delivering our app including all additional packages for free until the support cycle of Windows Phone 8.1 started.

Beginning with 07/01/2104, we will charge for the following In App Pruchases:

  • photo upload including a photo editor for in app taken photos
  • Facebook pro sharing (unlocks groups and pages)
  • additional networks (unlocks Yammer, Tumblr, Pocket, Geeklist at the moment, with more networks to come)

We want to thank all of our public beta testers for their feedback. We will continue to improve the quality of UniShare, based on your feedback.

If you have any ideas on how to improve our app, feel free to head over to our UserVoice page (https://msiccdev.uservoice.com/forums/236060-feedback-for-our-apps).